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The fact that you're here reading this right now means you're interested in or curious to know about the different ways to grow your money.

You have questions, and I have the answers. Now whether or not I can help you achieve 100% of your goals, we don't know yet.

So let's handle that first...

You are currently facing one or more of these issues in your life:

  • You are supporting yourself and your parents and not sure how much should you be contributing monthly while also planning for your own retirement
  • You’ve started thinking about investing so that your money is working for you and want to know what are some of the best ways to go about it

  • You have about loans that you need to pay off and you’d like to understand the different ways you can get started to earn passive income on the side.

  • You want to step up your investments and perhaps invest in higher risk products to get more upside, but you’re afraid of making the wrong move.

  • You feel like making the right investment is difficult, anxious and is only for people who have a lot of money

You have one ore more of these goals but aren’t hitting them:

  • You want to set up a financially secure future but don’t know what you should do to get there faster

  •  You are worried that you don’t have enough for retirement because your CPF account is not growing fast enough
  • You have tried budgeting but you just seem to not be able to stick to it and tend to overspend

  • You planned to retire early but you are not sure if you’re on track especially with the rising cost of living 
  • You want to use your CPF to invest but you are not really confident to do it yourself.

Do You Identify With
Any Of The Issues Or Goals Above?

If so, you should keep reading... But let's make sure we really clear this up

Who Is This Consultation For?

  • Singaporeans who want to increase their spending power and combat inflation.
  • Singaporeans who want to implement a proven 3 step formula to protect, preserve and accumulate wealth.

  • Beginning investors who wants to have access to restricted funds that is only available to the rich but don’t have a lot of money like they do.

  • Driven individuals who believes having knowledge is not power but applied knowledge is.

Who Is this Consultation Not For?

  • Individuals who are not currently working and don’t have a steady stream of monthly income

  •  Looking for high returns with no risk in a short period of time or need to make a big purchase in the next year (eg. house)
  • Anyone looking to get rich overnight because they join without planning to stick to the laid out plan.
  • Those who are always looking for something “new” and thinks they know it all

BUT FIRST... We need to talk about some "myths" that most ​Singaporeans have when it comes to investing

Myth #1: It Worked For Them But It Wont Work For Me

If this thought ever crossed your mind, then you are only hurting yourself with some B.S (Belief System).

You see... with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not giving yourself a chance to succeed.

The reality is things takes TIME. When something doesn't work it doesn't mean it's broken - It means you need to change and adjust when necessary

Myth #2: I Need A Lot Of Money To Start Investing

No you don't need a lot of money but you do need to stay CONSISTENT.

You don’t need millions to start an investment portfolio – even a small capital investment may deliver returns over time.

Always remember, time in market is always timing the market

Myth #3: I Need To Be A Stock Market Expert To Start

Yes investing in the stock market requires considerable expertise but there are many other investment methods that only require some basic market knowledge.

Better yet, save time by outsourcing all the worries, headaches and time to someone who is well trained to do so!

Here's What You Can Expect When You Book Your FREE Consultation...

The Cold Hard TRUTH About The Stock Market

We’ve reveal what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes and why it seems so much harder to invest profitably in the current economy

7 Little Tips to Help You Achieve Financial Freedom Quicker & Easier

We’ve used these tips and tricks to accelerate the results for our clients so they can tick off their bucket list much faster – now YOU can do the same

Why Putting Money In A Savings Account Isn’t Always The Best Choice For You

Saving money is always the best, right? Wrong! We’ll show you why there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye and what to do instead

The Vital Key To Creating Passive Income As Fast As Possible

This all-important piece of the puzzle is crucial to create passive income and without it you are doomed to failure – make sure you have this at all costs!

What To Never Do When Attempting To Invest

Please, never EVER do this on your journey to creating multiple streams of income (unless you want to stay broke for YEARS longer than you need to)

Please pay attention to this right now...

Investing is like planting a tree.

Some activities require effort upfront and others are just about make small consistent daily effort over a long period of time.

Most people don’t know that for the first five years of their lives, bamboo seedlings don’t even break the surface ground. 

Even with perfect care and maintenance daily, you won’t see any progress.

For the first five years at least. 

You won’t even be sure if they’re still growing down there. Heck they might not even be alive. 

Many inexperienced, wannabe bamboo farmers are faced with a dilemma: 

They can’t dig up the plants to check on them because it will harm the growth. 

But they’re so exhausted from waiting for the plant to sprout, and the suspense is too much for them to handle.

So what do they do? They quit. 

Only the successful bamboo farmers wait with extreme patience. Despite not seeing any signs of growth, they are STILL watering their seeds.

Even though they are discouraged. Imagine doing something for 5 years and see no results. When was the last time you gave something more than ten tries?

Then, after five years of effort and belief in something they can’t see, they’re rewarded with the phenomenal “overnight” growth.

And by the end of the week, their previously non-existent tree is taller than a three story building!

The reality is that most of the effort needed to prepare yourself requires ZERO cash upfront.

The point is to implement the activities that you CAN right now, build up a good spending habit, then build an emergency fund before you start investing.

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